Tutorial Video…


Hot Shot cut  Tutorial

Best card control ever … !! Daryl’s Hot Shot Cut. As seen on David Blaine series.

Vid From : manyatrickpony

Simpatico cut tutorial

simpatico |simˈpatiˌkō|
(of a person) likable and easy to get along with.
• having or characterized by shared attributes or interests; compatible : a simpatico relationship.

I feel pretty damn ‘simpatico’ giving this to you, hence the name.

Um, so I took down some bad and old videos last week. Replacing them with some good and recent stuff now.
Hm. Quite a weird creation, could first be seen in my September video.

Not really original.. I just like doing it, and I hope you do too.. a few people requested to learn it, so, well, here you go, guys..

There’s also a longer version called “Simpatisticalliness-o”. (shit, that’s not even a word) Showed that to a few people too, but that would result in a 6 minute tutorial, and I’m lazy.


The Jones Change by D&D [part 1 of 2]

Info : A detailed description of The Jones Change by Dan and Dave Buck of http://www.dananddave.com

Learn how to visually change a playing card right in front of your spectators.

Click here for tutorial part 2

The Impulse Cut – Tutorial

Vid from : xxGOBxxBLUTHxx

Here is a false cut of mine. Enjoy and lets see some video responses of it 😉
Credits to Dan and Dave

Sybil 947 Tutorial

There are already a myriad of variations on Chris Kenner’s basic concept, so I figured just one more couldn’t hurt. Circa March 2006.

Vid From : kevhonline


Free Magic Trick From Ellusionist

Card Forcing

Learn how to force a card on someone for magic card trick illusions in this free magic trick video.
Expert: Wayne Phelps



  1. yeah loved all

  2. sumpah video ny keren bgt,jd cpt mngrti…

  3. manteb manteb videonya

  4. mantabz bro.,.,..,., sukses dah buat jualanya

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