New Collection January

January  collection


These cards are from the RJ Reynolds Tobacco CO(the makers of Camel cigarettes). You could find them in gas stations. They were promotionmaterial for the cigarettes. Buy 2 packs of cigarettes and get a free red and blue deck of these.
These cards get their name from the looks. They are not actually called ‘watermelons’ because they resemble a watermelon cut open down the center with its seeds.

The RJRTC’s were only produced by USPC for RJ in 2007, and in that very short amount of time they have become pretty scarce

// Price : Rp. 230.000


The Phoenix deck is a brand new design with incredible looking courts. Take a close look, they are in bronze or copper color metallic ink with steel blue. The box is also in steel blue with a copper colored phoenix, the mythical bird. These were made in a limited first print run of 2500 decks. They may or may not be reprinted so you should buy some now… this is an awesome deck to add to your collection, spice up your next poker game or magic routine. it has 2 jokers so its a perfect poker deck, as well as 2 gaff (trick) cards for magicians.  Great for XCM too, they fan perfectly…

Price : Rp. 140.000


In December 2009, Bicycle introduced the second of a series of 10 Limited Edition playing card decks that will appeal to collectors and players everywhere.

These decks are traditional Bicycle quality, with Air Cushion Finish but with some new twists to appeal to collectors and even magicians.

Note the unique design of the back, the dark blue background with white and silver design. The joker was specially designed for this deck. The card faces are standard index, the same courts and fonts seen for years on Bicycle decks.

Each deck also includes two jokers and two advertising cards.

Price : Rp. 125.000

Bicycle 125 – Anniversary Special Edition

It started in Cincinnati one-hundred and twenty-five years ago and quickly grew to become the worldwide leader in playing card design and manufacturing. Since then – hundreds of designs and over a billion decks later – it is still here and still in a league of its own.
Commemorating 125 years of design and development, the Bicycle 125 : Anniversary Edition playing cards feature a distinctive, vintage aesthetic – and a signature metallic foil on the special edition tuck case. In stock today – and our current supply is limited.

Price : Rp. 125.000

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